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This website is closed and not active anymore.

Sandy is a Flash 3D engine, available in 3 versions: AS2, AS3 and haXe

Sandy, it's easy and documented !

Check our new tutorials, more than 50 tutorials with sources are available to help you create the most impressive 3D web application!

Active forum, FAQ and online documentation are here to help you find your answers.

To learn more about the engine, you can read the technotes page.

Sandy 3D Fast download

AS3 - 3.1.2 haXe - 3.1.2 AS2 - 1.2
  • Download sources and API docs
  • Download Flash CS3 examples
  • Examples are for 3.1.1, update pending
  • Download sources
    examples and API docs
  • Download sources
  • Download documentation


New! 28th March 2009

Download new AS3 3.1.2 release
Download new haXe 3.1 release

Download Sandy3D and add a new dimension to your web application

Stay tuned!

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This 3D engine main features are :


Thomas Pfeiffer started this project in Oct 2005 and nowadays there's a real development team which provides you all that amazing content.


Lot of people have nicely contributed to the project, and you can see the list here: contributors

Want to contribute or be part of the team?

Read this page Contributing to Sandy project or contact us though the forum.

Want to talk about S3D engine in forums or in your website/blog? Feel free to use the following pictures supplied by Stuart.